7 Need-to-Know Facts for an Awesome Night of Partying in Ljubljana

Here are seven pieces of advice for anyone who wishes to party in Ljubljana and have the best possible nightlife experience without any problems.
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Blog Published : May 10, 2017
Edited : October 20, 2022

1. When do Slovenian people usually go out partying?

Slovenians usually meet at about 9 pm – 10 pm and pre-drink/pre-party either at a bar, at home, or out in public places. They head to the clubs at about 1 am – 2 am.

2. Do I need my ID?

Yes, you most definitely do! You’ll need it to get into the clubs, certain bars, and especially if you get a check-up from the police.

3. How late can we still buy alcohol in supermarkets?

If you intend to pre-drink, make sure you buy alcohol before 9 pm since you won’t able to do so after because it’s prohibited by the law. But no worries, you can still get alcohol in the bars, as long as they’re open!

4. Can we pre-drink in public places?

Well… kind of! It’s not exactly “legal” to do so, but HEY, a lot of people do it, especially students:). So if you’re not causing any trouble, are generally nice, and make sure you take the empty bottles to the trash & recycle, it should be fine!:)

5. How long are the bars & clubs open?

The bars are usually open till midnight or 1 am, meanwhile, clubs are usually open from 4 am – 5 am.

6. Where’s the afterparty, bro?

To be honest, there are no epic afterparties that you guys would really like unless you get lucky and get invited to some local’s after-party or make your own. Most of the parties end and most of the clubs close after 5 am. However, you can check the Facebook page of the F-club if there’s something going on there that night, if not just head on home. SERIOUSLY BRO! It’s 5 am, go to bed already! If you still wanna party hard the next day, join our pub crawl and we guarantee you that you will love it and pass out before that time!;)

7. Where can we get some food after the party?

If you’re leaving Parlament Pub —> go to Surf’n’fries or FRKS
If you’re leaving Cirkus Club —> go to Pekarna & Slaščičarna Center (The bakery right across the street) or Tramvaj (The red tramcar, also right across the street)
If you’re leaving Nebo Show Restaurant —> go to FRKS (on Congress Square) or go to Nobel Burek (on Miklošičeva Road)

Here are some of the other places that are still open after you are done partying:
– Fast Food Pub Pod Skalco
– Olimpija
– Slast

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