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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers that we prepared for your convenience. If you do not find a satisfying answer to your question here, feel free to drop us an email or call us.

Q: Who are you guys?

We’re a team of young and energetic people devoted to show visitors of Ljubljana the wild side of town. Our tour guides are fun, well-known locals who know all the best places to go and have great energy. We love to have fun and share the joy of life with others and that is why we created this service.

Q: Why should I visit Ljubljana and when?

Our beautiful city is called Ljubljana and it is indeed a jewel of beautiful architecture, gourmet experiences and modern lifestyle. But it also has a wild side - the world that lives parallel to everything we call normal - the crazy party scene in Ljubljana. With us you can experience both in a way you can not imagine possible. The answer to the question “When” is simple - anytime! If you like warm weather, come between April and October. If you don’t mind the cold, come between October and March. In the summer months (June, July and August) there is a lot of tourists in Ljubljana and not that many locals so if you want a really genuine experience of a night out we suggest you come in April, May, October or December.

Q: When to go out in Ljubljana?

Partying in Ljubljana is possible every day throughout the year! It has many venues that are open every night. The weekends are usually the time when young people can relax, go out and hang out in the trendiest bars and party in the best clubs. But Ljubljana is also a student city and they usually party on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The busiest time of the year is the fall when the students return from their breaks, in the spring and in December. At that time there are parties with big name DJ’s almost every weekend. We usually go out at around 10pm or later, have some drinks and around 01am we hit the clubs. They’re usually open until 05am.

Q: What do I need to know before I come to Slovenia?

Ljubljana is the biggest city and capital of Slovenia and it is located in Southern Central Europe. Slovenia is part of the EU and Schengen zone. The climate is similar to all continental Europe, so depending on the season of your arrival you should bring winter or summer clothes because air temperatures differ quite a bit. Official language is Slovenian, but don’t worry, most people here speak very good English. The local currency is EURO. Prices are same as average in EU, but non-basic needs like partying can be quite a bit cheaper than in Western Europe. We recommend you change money into EURO before arriving, but if you do it in Slovenia there is absolutely no problem and you don’t have to worry about being scammed. Ljubljana is one of the safest cities in Europe. The local transport in Ljubljana is very good, same with taxi services, which are quite affordable. The accommodation options are endless and of good quality. But don’t forget - we can arrange all your transfers and accommodations so you don't have to deal with it.

Q: How do I get to Ljubljana?

Getting here is usually quite easy because the connections with other cities are very good as Ljubljana has a very good central position in Europe. The airport in Ljubljana is directly connected to many cities in Europe by flights operated by the national carrier Adria Airways . Low cost airlines that fly to Ljubljana are Easyjet and Wizzair from London and Brussels. Nearby airports are Zagreb (CRO), Trieste (ITA), Venice (ITA), Klagenfurt and Graz (AUT) - you can fly practically from everywhere to one of those airports and then get a connection to Ljubljana by shuttle transfer or train. We can sort out all transfers you might need. The train connections are good as well and the Central Train Station in Ljubljana is located right in the center of the city. Upon your arrival we will pick you up and your hotel is probably in the radius of only 5 mins away. If you’re coming by bus there is a good connection from Western Europe operated by Eurolines , they’ll drop you off on the Central Train Station as well. If you come by car your drive will be simple and non-stressful because Slovenia has good and well marked roads. Ljubljana is not a very big city so driving here is not very complicated. Just bear in mind we drive on the right side of the road and you will be fine. For more info and help with organising your arrival send us an email and we’ll be glad to help you!

Q: What is it that you do?

We are a specialized party service for foreign visitors to Ljubljana. We know how difficult is sometimes to experience the real nightlife side of the new city and we are here to help. Our purpose is to give you an unforgettable nightlife experience while you’re in our part of the world.

Q: What services do you offer?

We offer a range of tour packages designed so you experience the best nightlife Ljubljana has to offer. We will be more than happy to play host to all sorts of groups, big and small, friendly or corporate. Ljubljana is a very easygoing place and you will not stand out, no matter who you are or where you come from. The packages were created to give you some ideas on how to spend your time in Ljubljana but if you’d like to get a custom combination of services don’t hesitate to send us your ideas and wishes - we will be more than happy to make you a special package! We can cater to any and all music tastes or occasions.

Q: Is there an age or any other limit for partying with you?

Yes! All the participants must be 18 years or older. Your age can be checked from your documents at any time. In addition to that all clients ensure that they are fit and able to complete the itinerary of the tour and that they are in good physical and mental fitness.

Q: Can you sort out the accommodation and transfers as well?

Off course, we will sort out everything you need in Slovenia, upon your request. All you have to do is send us your itinerary for the trip and we will send you our great offers for accommodation and transfers.

Q: Will you show me around the city?

If you want to see the city we will be more than happy to take you on our fun City Tour. This way you will get to experience the best Ljubljana has to offer.

Q: Can I change or cancel my booking?

Changes to your booking are possible and free of charge but must be made in writing and prior to the start of the tour. We will try to accommodate your wishes but we can not guarantee availability. The booking can be canceled at any time but the order confirmation fee payed is non refundable.

Q: How can I pay for the package?

The money payed in the booking procedure is only an order confirmation fee, the price of the tour package has yet to be payed and the payment can only be made in cash to our representatives. We will only accept local currency (EURO).

Q: What kind of pubs/clubs do you take groups to?

It is really up to you. Ljubljana has something for everybody. At the start of every tour your host will ask about your musical tastes and wishes, as well as any special occasions that need to be celebrated. After that he will take you to the most vibrant places that match your wishes.

Q: What if I get really drunk or cause trouble?

On our tours large quantities of alcohol are often consumed so if you get really drunk we will try to make sure you get back to the hostel/hotel safely. However we cannot take responsibility for any unfortunate events that might occur during the night. We know it is relative what causing trouble means to you :) but bear in mind that if our team evaluates that you are causing too much trouble we have to right to deny you our services and exclude you from the tour. Same is with all venues attended during the tours. If you really did something crazy we will get in touch with your friends and let them know you got arrested, but we will not bail you out :)

Q: What if I didn’t like the tour?

Its essential that you tell this to us during the tour - we will make all possible efforts to satisfy you and meet your expectations. Nonetheless if issues haven’t been resolved please send us your complaint in writing no later than 24hrs after the end of the tour.


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