Best Bars in Ljubljana

Take a pick among the selection of the many Ljubljana bars for your next sleepless bender of exploring the nightlife of Slovenia’s capital.
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The bulk of the partying usually takes place in the clubs, but some of the best bars in Ljubljana offer just as, if not more, crazy nightlife experiences. It is also worth mentioning that they are mostly cheaper and have no entrance fees.

You can party in Ljubljana in various ways, and visiting a pub is always a good option. Check out our selection of the best bars you can find in Ljubljana.

Parlament Pub

Parlament Pub is the most popular student bar in Ljubljana due to its relatively cheap liquor. Although a pub by definition, some would say it transforms into a dance club every night with a DJ and a dancefloor.

There is no entry fee, and people often stay there throughout the night, dancing to the tunes of the best hits.

It lies in the center of Ljubljana, near the Slovenian Parliament, which also inspired the pub's name (parlament = parliament in Slovenian).

Harat’s Pub

Harat’s is the largest chain of Irish pubs in the world. Its specialty is live music every evening from Thursday to Saturday and almost every day during summer.

It is not hard to find, as it lines the shore of the Ljubljanica River in the center of Ljubljana.

The pub is relatively spacious and presents a nice ambiance, making it the perfect meeting spot for our Pub Crawl Ljubljana.

Captain’s Cabin

Captain’s Cabin is a small underground cocktail bar in Ljubljana’s city center’s narrowest street. It prides itself on being open for business every night, even on Sundays when everything else is closed.

It is sailor-themed and offers a special sale of two cocktails for the price of one every night, and people keep coming back for more.

The owners also provide an option of renting the place for a private party if you book it in advance.

Holidays’ Pub

Holidays’ Pub is the oldest bar in Ljubljana, and you can find it in the city center, right next to the Slon Hotel. They offer food and drinks during the day, but it is the nights when the real fun begins.

How is your singing? Because karaoke night is on the menu every Wednesday at Holidays’ Pub (make that every day if you’re a part of our Pub Crawl Ljubljana during summer).

If amateur singing is not your cup of tea, you can still visit them on Friday or Saturday when their DJs take care of quality music by taking you as far back as the ’70s.

England Pub

Have you ever been to a big European city without an authentic English pub? Ljubljana has one too, and you might want to visit it if you have not been to any yet, to experience the atmosphere.

England Pub

A gentle word about Manchester United football club might even get you a free drink, as the owner is a big fan of the Red Devils.

Patrick’s Irish Pub

Patrick’s is a typical Irish pub, and you can catch a broadcast of many football matches there. It will go well with a plate of one of their delicious dishes in front of you and a pint of beer in your hand to wash them down.

The pub opens at 7 pm every day from Tuesday to Saturday and stays open late into the night.

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If you are up for a night of wild fun in Slovenia’s capital, where we’ll visit some of these best bars, you should check out our Pub Crawl Ljubljana and Private Party Guide.

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