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Find out everything there is to know about the best clubs in Ljubljana and visit some of them with our nightlife guides for a party without limits.
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Ljubljana might be among the smallest capitals in Europe, but its nightlife can rival the biggest of them. Even the most selective are bound to find something for themselves in its considerable lineup of party places.

We prepared an introduction to the best Ljubljana clubs, so you can get acquainted with the places you might visit during your stay in Slovenia.

Cirkus Club

Cirkus is deemed the best dance club in Ljubljana. It hosts a series of different events every week from Wednesday to Saturday.

Music ranges from mainstream pop to Latino, R’n’B, and Balkan, depending on the event and the DJ. The owners carefully pick the best DJs for every night, so the quality of the tunes stays consistently high.

The club offers VIP and Super VIP experiences, with private tables available for reservations. The standard entry fee is 10€, while the VIP costs 20€.

Cirkus is just slightly outside Ljubljana’s center, making it appropriate to visit on foot from the nearby hotels and hostels.

Nebo Show Restaurant

One of the newest additions to Ljubljana’s nightlife, the Nebo Show Restaurant operates as a relatively high-end restaurant during daylight and hosts music events with professional dancers once the sun sets.

It is located at the top of one of the highest buildings in the city center, boasting a panoramic view of Ljubljana sprawled underneath.

Nebo is the optimal choice if you are seeking to party in Slovenia with class, but do not forget to bring your best clothes, as they might not let you in if you are not up to their dress-code standards.

Square Club

Found at Congress Square in Ljubljana, it is the closest club to the city center. The visitors tend to love its inviting ambiance with great music.

Entry fee is usually around 10€, but they also host events that are free of charge, like their weekly Picnic, happening every Thursday.

If you want to mingle with fellow young folks, you can hardly go wrong with Square Club.

Shooters Club

Shooters Club is open every night from Tuesday to Saturday, and there is no entrance fee. Albeit relatively small, it is quite popular, and people rush to it every night to get a spot inside.

You can dance to the tunes of commercial pop, Balkan, and even EDM in Shooters Club, as they play all kinds of music mixes to appease the variety of its visitors.

K4 Club

K4 Club is the leader of the techno-music scene in Ljubljana. It occupies the basement area of a building in the center of Ljubljana, giving it a specific underground vibe.

Entry fees vary depending on the events, as they regularly work with over 30 artists to guarantee great music every night.

An important note to mention is that the only party hostel in Ljubljana, ZZZ, is located in the same building, so you will not have to walk far for a warm bed after a night of partying.

Cvetličarna Club

Cvetličarna is the largest club in Ljubljana, operating since 2003. It only hosts events and even concerts and is not open for business outside these occasions, so you should always check in advance if anything is on its schedule.

They also get sold out regularly, so buying tickets ahead of time is advised. The prices largely depend on who is hosting the event, making them range from 10€ to 25€, rarely higher.

It is situated around 3 kilometers from the city center, so you’ll most likely have to grab a taxi to get back to your accommodation unless it is somewhere in the vicinity.

Metelkova Art Center

The Metelkova city stands out from the rest as it is not actually a club but an autonomous social and cultural center acting as a haven for modern artists and a place where they can express their creativity, similar to Berlin. Its existence has a political tone stemming from the American hippie movement.

It earned its place on this list because the community runs more than a few clubs and bars which regularly host events that attract people who are into alternative music and the scene overall. Some of those are where the members of the LGBTQ community can feel most at home.

The clubs usually charge an entrance fee for their events, but people also like to hang out at the bars and under the moonlight in the community space.

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