New Year Party in Ljubljana

Celebrate the festive night partying in the heart of Slovenia’s capital, visiting the best nightlife bars and clubs, enjoying champagne, and watching fireworks.
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New Year is the time when Ljubljana truly comes to life. People are crowding beneath the Christmas decorations illuminating the streets in the city center, the air rich with the expectancy of the new year dawning.

Winter-season stands are selling mulled wine so people can warm themselves up, and bars are overflowing with folks intent on starting the Earth’s new cycle the right way — by socializing and having a good time.

And you are welcome to join them!

Have a beer while you are waiting for midnight to roll around

If there is one time when partying in Ljubljana is a must, it is this one celebratory night. The clubs are hosting special events, and people let themselves go entirely in the spirit of the festive season.

New Year’s Pub Crawl Ljubljana

Our Pub Crawl Ljubljana returns after our guides take some time off in November and most of December, and you will never experience a crazier pub crawl than the one on New Year’s Eve.

Visit all the best party places in Ljubljana!

We will visit the most popular bars in the city, play drinking games, and sing karaoke (Do you know any Christmas-themed songs?) while waiting for midnight to roll around. The highlight will be screaming and wishing each other a “Happy New Year” under the rain of fireworks before heading for the final party stop in one of the best dance clubs in Ljubljana.

An average person lives to see around seventy New Year’s Eves, and we believe the one you will spend on our pub crawl in Ljubljana will be among the ones you will look back to with a spark in your eyes.

New Year’s Party at Cirkus Club

And if you would like an exclusive New Year’s party in Ljubljana, you can spend it at Cirkus Club by getting one of our New Year’s party packages, from a standard entry to the super VIP table package.

Time to celebrate!

You can spend the night dancing to the tunes of the biggest hits at a private table filled with champagne and other drinks in the wildest dance club in the city.

Happy New Year!

Are you ready to celebrate the coming of the new year in the craziest way possible? 

Come party with us, and we assure you that you will not regret it!

Verified Customer
Great way to meet some fun people from all over the world and enjoy some great drinking spots in Ljubljana. George was an awesome guide. Allowed us plenty of time to socialize and enjoy each place while keeping the group moving throughout the night. We had so much fun that we stayed until the last bar closed around 5 Am. Looking forward to doing this again for New Years!
Verified Customer
Hands down one of the best party experiences I've had overseas! Saw the flyer for the pub crawl in the hotel lobby my friends and I were staying at, and couldn't resist giving them a call. A few hours later, I rock up with around 34 of my nearest and dearest to join the all ready horde like group 😅 Jaka was one amazing host (and pretty damn cute to top it off), who made navigating 50 odd people around the streets of Ljubljana look effortless! And I'm proud to say that a good portion of us were left standing by the end of it 😂👌🏼A very cheap night out by most standards, which was a huge plus and very well organized. Would highly recommend giving them a go!
Verified Customer
We had an absolutely fantastic time in Ljubljana thanks to Party In Ljubljana Agency; in particular, Miona supported us every single moment (before, during, and after) even when started to rain constantly. Recommended
vesna v
Verified Customer
The guides were super nice, the pubs were great, the overall experience amazing. We went to 4 pubs and had a blast, I liked the people they were chill and always ready to help and party.
Verified Customer
We had an absolutely amazing time! If you want to meet random people from all over the world, have a nice long conversations with them, making new friends and have great time partying, then this is definitely an experience you HAVE to put on your to do list! Highly recommend it, especially for all the students and tourists wanting to have a blast visiting Ljubljana!
Denis V
Verified Customer
Cant stress this enough, this was one of the best nights in Ljubljana!!! From the beginning guides introduced us to each other and then we started with the games, even tho it was raining , nobody cared... really just awesome times!
Anyone who comes to party in Ljubljana with us is up for a wild night of cheap beers, energetic young people, crazy party guides, top bars, and dance clubs.
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