5 Most Popular Lounge Bars in Ljubljana

Check out these chill lounge bars in Ljubljana on your visit to Slovenia and enjoy a glass of fine wine in an inviting ambiance before your nighttime partying.
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Blog Published June 8, 2017
Edited May 3, 2024

Lounge bars are perfect for relaxing afternoon drinks with your friends or business partners. Though there are many such places to choose from in Ljubljana, here are 5 which we find to be the most popular.   

AS Aperitivo

AS is not only an amazing restaurant, but also extends to AS Aperitivo, a more relaxed lounge area where guests can enjoy a nice glass of wine, a cocktail or perhaps a light mediterranean dish. The bar hosts DJ performances on the weekends with smooth lounge or house music attracting an easy going crowd and making it a perfect place for mingling and meeting interesting new people. 

The bar inside AS Aperitiv

Soba 102

A lounge bar and restaurant which transforms into a party place on the weekends. With everything from amazing food, wine and desserts to special off and on party events this bar has a really cool vibe, attracting quite a crowd and making it the perfect place for almost any occasion. 


A great cafe & restaurant during the week and an amazing lounge or sometimes even a party place on the weekends. During the summer you’ll be able to enjoy a zen-like garden resembling a perfect yoga practice spot and when the weather is bad the place still has a nice  interior making it no less fun when it’s cold. Sputnik also hosts events that range from live music performances, house parties to salsa dance parties. The only downside of this bar is that it takes about a 15 minute drive from the city center to get there so you won’t be able to reach it on foot. 

Dvorni Bar

A wine bar with the widest selection of wines by the glass in Slovenia. The place is also a restaurant offering luscious lunches during the day and delicious snacks in the evening. There are tables outside the bar when the weather is warm where you can enjoy an excellent view of the castle, while the separes inside offer a more private atmosphere with large windows still attracting some glances from outside.

Dvorni Bar lounge area 


Located in the BTC business, shopping & entertainment area it is the go-to place for after-work drinks. A great place to grab a coffee or drink and talk business with your new clients or with your buddies.

This concludes our list of 5 popular lounge bars in Ljubljana. We hope you’re able to find one that suits your needs and have a great time in our beautiful city no matter which of the bars you decide to visit.

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5 Most Popular Lounge Bars in Ljubljana

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