6 Clubs You Have to Visit While in Ljubljana

Visit one of these best clubs in Ljubljana, and you are up for a crazy night of singing, dancing, meeting new people, and copious amounts of alcohol.
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Blog Published May 22, 2017
Edited May 3, 2024

Discover the pulsating heart of Slovenia through its capital’s vibrant nightlife. From high-end clubs to underground music venues, Ljubljana nightlife offers a spectrum of experiences that cater to all tastes and moods. Whether you’re a party animal, a music aficionado, or someone looking for a relaxed evening out, Ljubljana has something for everyone.

Quick Tips for Enjoying Ljubljana Nightlife

  1. Best Time to Go Out: The party usually starts late, with clubs filling up around midnight.
  2. Dress Code: While some clubs enforce a dress code, most venues have a casual yet trendy atmosphere.
  3. Safety: Ljubljana is generally safe, but it’s always good to stay alert and keep an eye on your belongings.
  4. Public Transport: Night buses are available, but taxis and rideshares are the most convenient way to get around.

Ljubljana is a great place for parties. The town has a booming nightlife and is home to an astounding number of clubs given its small size. One of the best things about Ljubljana is that since it is so small you are able to visit most of the clubs on foot, saving yourself tons of money on transport. Here are some of the clubs you absolutely have to visit when you’re in town.

1. Cirkus Club

Cirkus Club has a unique, crazy atmosphere, an excellent selection of music, one of the best sound systems in town, and always a fantastic vibe. It’s one of the biggest clubs in Ljubljana, regularly filled up with people whose mission is to party and they like to party hard!

There is a big balcony above the main floor, which you can access only with a VIP pass and if by chance you see a clown or a midget on the floor, it’s not necessarily because you’re drunk.

The club is popular with both students as well as a more mature audience. As for the music, Cirkus offers everything from hip hop and R&B to all sorts of electronic music with occasional 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s style events. 

View of Cirkus Klub Stage and Floor

2. Shooters Club

You’ve probably heard of Hooters, one of the most masculine bars around nowadays – and here it is, Ljubljana’s very own version called Shooters! It’s a great pre-party place with female-only bartenders and commercial music ranging from electro to house and RNB.

Shooters opened just a while back and instantly became one of the most popular clubs in Ljubljana which is no surprise since it’s a very cool place with a great interior, good prices, and quality music. A nice addition to the club is also karaoke which they are hosting regularly.

They’re open Tuesday to Saturday so if you’re looking for a party during the week, they’re definitely worth checking out. 

A party in Shooters Club

3. Parlament Pub

Not only is this the most popular pre-party location in Ljubljana, but it’s also a great place if you’re looking for inexpensive drinks and parties until the wee hours. The pub is known for its international get-togethers and is always full of students, both local and those coming from all over the world.

This makes it a great place to meet new people, especially if you run into the Pub Crawl Ljubljana who are regularly visiting the pub. It’s safe to say that while in Ljubljana, you haven’t experienced the students’ nightlife properly until you’ve tried partying in the Parlament Pub with the locals.

Parlament Pub

4. Cvetličarna Club

Considered to be one of the biggest clubs in Ljubljana, Cvetličarna offers a variety of different events. It’s always striving to promote quality music and prominent artists, making it a popular place for parties and concerts alike.

Cvetličarna has been a nightclub and an event venue since 2003, growing together with its highly devoted audience, mainly due to its excellent understanding of its visitor’s specific needs and desires. The place is known for its top-notch sound system and wonderful light shows, which together create a magical atmosphere throughout the dance floor. 

A party in Cvetličarna Club

5. K4 Club

A very special spot for anyone who is looking for something different than what other clubs have to offer. K4 is an integral part of our local urban culture, not only fueling Ljubljana’s but also the entire Slovenian nightlife. The main goal of this club is always to present new electronic sounds to the public before they become mainstream.

K4 may not be the biggest club in the city but it definitely makes up for its size with its uniquely designed dance floors and artist lineups, always striving to provide the maximum quality of music for its ever-so-loyal visitors.

Are you up for some hardcore techno in K4 club?

6. Square Club

Square Club occupies a basement that has been a part of Ljubljana’s club scene for decades, previously housing iconic clubs like Pr’ Skelet and Babilon.

As you enter, you’re greeted by a green canopy leading you down a marble staircase wrapped in bold, tropical wallpaper. The club has maintained its original dance floor but has given it a modern and lively facelift. The ceiling is covered in colorful foil, backlit by LED lights, creating an illusion of daylight filtering through despite being deep underground.

Square Club also has a hidden gem: Kafana. Tucked away at the end of the main club area, Kafana is a two-story mini-pub designed like a Belgrade tavern, complete with oriental rugs and rustic wooden details. This area will be exclusive to members in the future, offering a different musical vibe compared to the main club area.

The club aims to play music everyone secretly loves but hesitates to admit — think radio hits mixed with Yugo rock and pop. Square Club is open from Wednesday to Saturday, from 10 pm to 6 am, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the essence of Ljubljana’s nightlife.

Everybody loves a party with local hits from the Balkans

Which club will you choose to get a taste of Ljubljana’s nightlife?

That’s it for our list of popular clubs in Ljubljana. As you can see there’s definitely no shortage of parties here, and there are many places where you can go clubbing. If you’re not into visiting the clubs on your own though, it can be much more fun to join a Pub Crawl. You’ll start by going into some of the best bars in town, and after that, the final stop of each Pub Crawl is at least one of the aforementioned clubs.

For more info about Pub Crawl in Ljubljana click here.

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