Hungover in Ljubljana

We have all been there, but why would you waste a whole day when you can still do so many fun things and put the nagging headache aside?
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Blog Published June 21, 2017
Edited May 3, 2024

Ljubljana is known for the craziest parties. As anything good though this too has it’s downsides. Here’s what you can do to survive the horrible headache you feel after experiencing Ljubljna’s wild nightlife.

1. Hungover Brunch

The first thing you need to start getting over the sickness is a good breakfast. But since it’s usually a bit late to call it that, let’s say you should go for a brunch 🙂 Some excellent places for comforting morning food are Le Petit Cafe, Ek Bistro and Slovenska hiša. Go for the latter if you’d like a proper Slovenian style breakfast. If not, the first two offer a wide range of delicious breakfast dishes to fill your sore stomach. Be sure to also drink a lot of fluids, preferably water or fresh fruit juice.    

2. Park

Once you are properly fed you can take a walk and chill in a park. The biggest in Ljubljana is park Tivoli. It has a number of walking paths as well as a trim trail and a few playgrounds for kids. There’s also a botanic garden if you need something to rest your eyes on, and a few bars where you can have some coffee. One of the main places for that are Caffe Bienale overlooking the park’s outdoor gallery and Čolnarna (Boathouse) with a nice view of lake Tivoli, which in the summer is filled with waterlilies.

3. Wine Tasting Ljubljana

If you already feel like you’re ready for the next party than you might want to skip the tour and go straight to a winetasting. If not, you can always fight fire with fire and go anyway. This is a really cool activity if you’re interested in wine and would like some mild pre-dinner drinking. It’s hosted by a wine expert and takes place in a 300 year old cellar in the center of Ljubljana. You’re guided through tasting 7 top Slovenian wines, accompanied by delicious snacks. The tastings are interactive and are both fun and informative.

Wine Tasting in Ljubljana

After that you’ll probably want to have some dinner before you go out clubbing again or head home to wherever it is you’re staying for some rest. A great place to grab some delicious local food is Hiša pod Gradom. Either way, by the time you’ve finished your 7th sample of wine, or have completed the hilarious walking tour, any traces of your hangover should be long gone.

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